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Cascade Austin Healey Club of Washington
Club Members: Fill in the names of the person that you select for each position.  Some positions only have one person running.  If there is only one person  running for that office you may leave that entry blank or fill it in as you chose.,  Your club ID number can be found on your magazine lablel , or  in the membership roster booklet.
Both husband and wife may vote , please use two different sessions.
Cascade Austin Healey Club
Club ID Number
Vice President;
Jim McDermott

Frank Hosick
Terri McDermott

Mary Hosick.
Sue Jackson

Karen Miller
John Smith

Phil Jones
Ron Layton

Sam Smith
Candidate A

Candidate B
Candidate A

Candidate B
Candidate A

Candidate B
Item #1.
Item #2.
Item #3
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