Cascade Austin Healey Club
Club Member Rides
These are some of our members cars.  If you want your car listed please send a jpeg (jpg) or gif image to me along with some details about you and/or your car to (Jim McDermott).
Reid Trummel's 100
John Close's   100
Reid Trummel's Bugeye Sprite
Bob Findlay's  100 - Six
Man!  I don't know how he got this far!
John Snyder's Tri-carb
Lois Buhman's 100 - Six BN6
John Snyder's First Ride Tri-Carb #2
Jim & Terri McDermott's 100 -Six BN4
Nick Horn's 3000
Dennis Saxon's BJ8 at Open Roads
Craig Anderson's 100 (Standing Still)
Mitzi Butler's  1961 3000 Mk I BN7
Jan Saxon's 3000  BJ8
Neil Buhman's   100 - Six BN6
Chuck Breckenridge's  Nasty Boy
Alex & Ellie Athie"s  100  BN2
Bob & Marilyn Cole's BJ8 "Rose Bud"
Dave Stetler's Box Sprite
  Bruce & Sue Jackson's 1960 BT7 and Steve and Laurie Day's BJ8 along the coast of California on the way back to the hotel from the car show at the Eureka Rendezvous. It is hard to tell that both cars are Green and White. Sue refers them as the "fraternal" twins