The Cascade Austin Healey Club has been established for the appreciation, promotion, preservation and enjoyment of the automobiles designed, built and/or significantly modified by Donald M. Healey and/or Geoffrey C. Healey.

All activities and purposes of the Club are primarily centered around automobiles that bear the Austin Healey nameplate.  These include, but are not limited to, the Austin Healey 100-4, 100-6, 3000, Jensen-Healeys and Sprite models.

For membership or club information Please contact:
Ron Layton  -            
Lois Buhman - Activities Chair
or Jim McDermott , Treasurer, Web Master e-mail: 
P.O. Box 94143
Seattle, WA    98124

This page was last updated on: March 17, 2017
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Cascade Austin Healey Club of Washington
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---  For some of the more spontaneous tours (short tours on a moments notice)  will be noted on this web page if there is time.  They will also be advertised via the e-mail list (see "E-Mail Service" tab above).  In addition, those who want to be notified by phone need to get me their phone number.  So ----- e-mail me your name and phone number and I will see that it gets to the right people.

Thanks,  Jim McDermott Web Master
--- Members, please use the membership tab to up date your address, phone, e-mail information.  This information only goes to the club and allows us to keep an accurate membership list.
Plans are in the works for the  2016 & 2017  touring seasons.  Please check the events page as changes and updates are made. 

Is there a tour that you would like to see happen?  A place that you would like to go?  Let us know and lets see if we can make it happen!

Contact Lois Buhman with your ideas.    (425) 228 2742
Interested in racing?  See the SOVREN Historic Race Schedule on the Tours and Events page.   Use "Tours Events" tab above.
Frost Bite Tour Sunday March 19, 2017 Its is a GO!!!   Tour leaders Arlene Slostad and Dean Selby.  We are looking for a good weather day.  Leaving Southcenter Starbucks off of Strander Blv. At 10 am.  They have a tour planned with a restaurant lunch stop.
We are hoping some of our Healey friends from BC will join us.

Lois Buhman             Activity Coordinator

              presented by Steve Day of British Car Ranch

What is it that we all dread the most?   BREAKDOWNS ON THE ROAD!

In the 45 years of servicing these wonderful cars, I have rescued myself and others, and  then corrected those problems in my shop. I have seen a pattern emerge from all this  experience, and it can be condensed down to “ The 7 most common causes for road side trip interruptions “.

On Saturday, March 25th I will be presenting a 2 hour technical session for both the
Tyee Triumph and Cascade Healey clubs together, focusing on those 7 and more
importantly, how you can avoid them. The location this year will be the Shoreline
Community College, in the Auto Tech building on campus. Frank Hosick has secured the classroom they use for their students, and arranged for us to also get a tour of their shop and a short overview of the program. A map is being made to help us get to the shop building.

The session will begin at 10 a.m., with doors opening at 9:30a.m. for that tour. Lunch will be on your own this time, but I expect that we will still have the same raucous good time we always do when we get together like this! As usual, there will be plenty of time to ask and answer your individual questions about your British Baby. I really look forward to being with you again! You can email me at:                       , or Frank at
to let us know you will be there, or to ask for additional info.

Northwest Meet May 11-14,2017 Moved to this Spring because of Rendezvous 2017 being moved to the fall this year.  See tab above for more information

Shoreline Community College
16101 Greenwood Avenue N
Shoreline, WA 98133-5696