Instructions for using the Cascade Austin Healey Club mailing list

Mark Bradakis, who operates the mailing lists (his servers support and dozens of other mailing lists for popular makes) has set up a mail list for our car club: With this list, we can send club emails to one email alias and reach all interested members.

You can only receive email from the list and send email to the list if you sign up. Just follow these instructions to get going.

1.    Go to and follow the instructions on the page to sign up for the mail list.

2.   You’ll receive a request for confirmation email from You will not be added to the list until you reply to this mail using the instructions included in the confirmation mail itself.

NOTE   The list server cannot correctly process replies formatted as HTML. If you send a reply formatted as HTML, you will receive email from the list server stating that there was an error with your response (it will likely refer to "unrecognized commands"). If your email editor allows you to set the format for your messages, please select Plain Text for your reply to the list server. For example, in Microsoft Outlook the Format menu has a "Plain Text" command that you can use in a new message or reply. In MSN, the Tools menu in a new mail message allows you to turn the Rich Text Editor OFF, which makes your message plain text.

3.    You’ll receive a final email from in response to your confirmation that gives you an introduction and handy instructions for using the mailing list, including getting yourself off the mailing list if you want. Keep this mail in your records.

4.    Send an email to to let everyone who has already signed up know that you’re on. No one can see the list of people who have signed up, so you have to holler to let people know you’re there.


While people are still in the process of signing up for the mail list, email announcing tours and other club information will simply include on the TO: line along with the long lists of individual email. A date to start using the mail list exclusively will be determined at a future meeting and then published on the web site and in Cascade magazine.

-Byron Krystad